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Succes Story: Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

New Entrepreneur 
Manuel Arte VivaName and Surname: Manuel González Gómez
Country: Spain
Age: 26
Status: Would-be entrepreneur or Start up? Entrepreneur
Sector: Legal, fiscal and other consultancy services



Host EntrepreneurRob Arte Viva

Name and Surname: Rob Marcus
Country: Netherlands
Age: 52
Experience: 25 years
Sector: Distribution and Retail sector
Name of business/website: Arte Viva : www.antipincedoigt.fr



NE: Manuel González Gómez, young entrepreneur from Spain. He studied economics and international trade and after working in some Spanish companies and international ones he realized one of the main problems related to Small and medium sized companies in Spain: The difficulties they encounter to sell abroad limit their growth and therefore, the potential growth for the entire country. He decided to work as a self-employed for those companies who want to sell abroad but they do not know how. He is thinking of creating a bigger company if he makes a success out of his business idea. He participated in this program in order to be able to work with a HE that was able to expand his business internationally in a few years. NE discovered EYE because of knowing one person that was dealing with the program in Spain

HE: Rob Marcus, long time being an entrepreneur. He created himself Arte Viva, niche company focused on providing with the best child safety products worldwide. His company came from being entrepreneur and counting just on a few products (finger guards for the doors) to become the leading company in their niche in The Netherlands, but also in the international markets. Arte Viva provides with child safety products in all the continents and in 65 countries. HE wanted to understand better how to enter this niche market in the he Spanish speaking countries. The HE discovered the program because he is quiet active in working with interns to teach them how to work and learn from their perspective.

Activities undertaken

The HE helped the NE learn about new markets, provided feedback on defining the business plan of the NE, shared experience on financial and creative aspects that are linked to the business plan, oversaw the initiatives and projects to secure quality. Moreover, the HE taught the NE its company approach to the world market he operates on. In this respect, the NE was given the opportunity to learn how the HE’s business works with software systems that enables the efficient and highly productive work with a small team; how to sell and follow up, how to improve the website by using a CMS and translation plugins, how to work with google adwords/ google analytics, new sales trends via social media, all in and outsides of a quite successful company. Moreover, the NE improved his negotiation skills with customers and prospects, was part of the HE’s team and learned how to manage the business in a region and how to develop his own business.

Benefits achieved

The NE main benefits are the ability to fulfill the HE’s expectations and learn much about a leading company. He was able to learn how to make sales and how to provide customer service from an international company having selling abroad as its main business. The NE also learnt a new approach about how a leading in its niche company operates, how a well-established company works and how working with software systems enables the company to work efficiently with a small team. What the NE achieved went further than what he expected, as he also could develop his skills in digital marketing and web. The HE’s expectations and focus were getting to know how internationalized companies work to get ideas of how to initiate his adventure as an entrepreneur having as customers small companies that want to sell abroad but they don’t have the know-how, the structure or staff knowing foreign languages to achieve it. The NE will continue to work for the HE as a consultant for Spain and South America.

Quotation regarding the experience

I consider the experience being a success as I was able to learn many things related to a business that operates internationally and which market is the entire world. I think Rob is a fantastic entrepreneur that managed to create a small company from scratch it and turn it into the leading company in its niche, and it will continue to grow in a very high rate, as it has been doing in the near past.

Quotation regarding the experience

The cooperation was a success. I have been very open in all aspects of doing business and the NE will benefit from this in his future job or company he wish to establish. The NE is a very pleasant person to work with, smart, intelligent and dedicated, knowing well how to deal with Spanish culture.

Rob and Manuel Arte Viva

Working at Arte viva

Arte viva offers different job possibilities, let us know if you are interested. Work at Arte viva!

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